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Want to succeed? Then work

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Want to succeed? Then work

Hello baseball player, I hope you are working very hard in the batting cage, on the playing field, and in the gym. I just named these three places for you to develop as a baseball player, as many think that going to batting cage only, and spending 10-15 minutes there will lead you to be the most valuable player of your next tournament.

Of course, a lot will help you but you can not forget that running sprints, throwing the ball, take ground and flyballs will help you much more to develop like a real baseball player. Set a practice plan accordingly to your position.

Also, being a baseball player requires many hours of work and dedication. During the weeks of spring training, a player takes up to 14 hours a day of intense work. Gymnasium training early in the morning, work on the playing field, which includes basics, take many ground and fly balls, running bases, batting, and last a baseball game.

I have a question, I know that in one day you don’t spend all this time or close doing this job, unless you have a professional coach, but you see all the dedication that a baseball player has to prepare for a new season? Do not try to convince yourself that just by batting in the cage for 15 minutes twice a week will lead you to achieve your goals as a baseball player. Dedicate yourself to a work plan, and you will notice good results in a short time.

Also, you can not forget to work on the mental side of the game either. You can not reach the baseball field with negative mind. If you already know that you are going to face the pitcher that throws the fastest, do not arrive with an already surrendered mind. From this point we will talk about it in another occasion, but for now be sure to train, not just batting, or only fielding when you attend your practice, try to focus on developing the other aspects of the game, and if you do not have anyone to train with, that should not be an excuse not to work. Try to get a teammate who also wants to excel, select a schedule that will work for both and work together.

I wish you the best in your practices and in your games, and if you have any doubts, send me a private note. Thanks for your support, and stay tune for a new Beisbolista tip next week!

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