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When I visited a young hard worker man

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Chris SagreraWhile I was in Seattle I had the opportunity to be invited to visit a young man who took the decision to leave everything behind in Louisiana, all to strengthen his arm, all for being a good pitcher. Chris Sagrera is just 19 years old, and already has plans in his life, wants to be one of the best pitchers in college, wants to reach the big leagues. Sagrera has spent more than two weeks at Driveline Baseball, a growth center located in Kent, Washington, a small town 25 miles from downtown Seattle. I will not lie to you, I have seen many videos in social media Driveline baseball, and for months I wanted to come, see how they worked, and of course meet personally its creator, Kyle Boddy.

Boddy started with this project eight years ago in the small garage of his house, and at this point already has 20 coaches who work in this unique locality, and who serve about 700 young people per week. Boddy listens and asks questions as his gaze sweeps over each of the 9 pitchers who were currently training Last summer I had the opportunity to be Chris’s catcher in Houston. Note a very weak arm, with a very misaligned mechanic. This time I saw Chris with a stronger arm, throwing up to 95 miles per hour in pull downs with a 3-ounce ball, and all of us who know Chris were surprised. I was confident to tell him that last summer I did not have any chance as a pitcher for what I saw this time, and I could see a positive reflection on his face because of the great change and achievement he has achieved. “The next step will be to launch my first bullpen in 4 weeks,” says Chris, who said he was ready for that new challenge. “I will continue working and following my work plan”.

If you have dreams and goals like Sagrera, you will not get easily. You have to go for them and work very hard daily and you will see results, in long or short period of time, but you will get them.

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