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A quick Q&A with New York Yankees Bullpen Catcher, Radley Haddad!

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1. How did you find out you were going to be a bullpen catcher for The New York Yankees?                RH: I had known I was being considered for the opportunity for a couple weeks but I didn’t officially get the job offer until about an hour before opening day 2017 in the Tropicana field clubhouse. It was a surreal moment.

2. Besides Aroldys Chapman, who is the hardest pitcher to catch in your team?                                     RH: Tommy Layne, our left handed specialist. He throws a a great sinker and a nasty slider from 2 different arm slots which makes it difficult to pick up, but that challenge is part of why I love the job.

3. Do you see yourself doing this job for years?                                                                                                 RH: I have really enjoyed my first 6 weeks on the job and will certainly continue to do it as long as I get enjoyment out of it. It’s a great learning experience no matter what I decide to do next.

4. Best city you’ve been to?                                                                                                                       RH:Chicago has been my favorite thus far, I am a little biased because I have called the westside of Chicago my offseason home the last two years. But, it was a different experience to be there for work and I was able to see the city in a different light. Boston is a close second!

5.  Worst bullpen on the road to catch?                                                                                                    RH:Tampa Bay, the bullpens are on the field of play, which takes me back to my playing days having to block balls in the dirt. The background behind the pitcher at the Trop makes it tough to pick up the ball as well.

6. Any advice for those out there that want to be a bullpen catcher?                                                          RH:I got my position after catching 4 years in the minor leagues. So, coming that route the best advice I have is to become a good receiver and make sure you always give tactful and productive feedback to the pitchers and coaching staff.

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  Haddad (right side) with C.C Sabathia