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162 battles, and beyond

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Greetings baseball friends!

We are just days away from starting a new season of baseball, leaving behind a long spring training. Let me tell you something, what is lived during these five weeks has no comparison to a regular season of baseball. It’s true, they are long days of work but at the end of each one you return home with the feeling that you gave everything for the team that day.

Meeting new players and coaches, start new friendships, greet old friends of other teams, just like the interaction with the fan is still the best. The fan is much appreciated for the simple fact of leaving everything behind and traveling from another city to our training complex.

We would like to give you more of our time during the day, but ahead of us there is always work to do. Thank you for being there supporting us during good and bad days, you are the best!

Back to our city, to our house, to our bed is a new beginning, a new mentality. The road to the 162 games begins. We have to give the best of each of us, we have to win. Not only will we count on the stands with your support, but also we will see the faces of our loved ones more regularly, the same ones we leave behind to fulfill our obligations to the team.

I tell you, waking your children every day and taking them to your school is the most beautiful thing that the beginning of the day can give you, and at the same time stimulates you to continue giving the best of you for your team in each of the 162 battles that you will have in the season, looking to play beyond the stipulated.

Have patience with your team, behind the scenes there are many people every day working to give you the best in each game, that I can assure you. Good luck to everyone this year. I’ll see you in October.

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