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A free baseball? Must work for it

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Must work

If you expect to attend a baseball game, and return home with a ball, be sure to follow these very valuable steps:

  • Greet, show education. Use the magic word “please”.
  • Tries to initiate a small conversation with the player or coach before requesting a ball, this would give a little more confidence when asking if there is a possibility or not of obtaining one.
  • If you don’t manage to grab one, don’t worry. Keep trying on another opportunity, and for the second time the coach will know who you are.
  • Remember, no staff on a baseball team is required to give you a ball, which is the most expensive and most important budget of any organization. If they do not give you a ball, that ball will be used for batting practices, ground balls, or it would be sent to minor leagues for the same use.
  • To close, one of many of the moments in this sport is to appreciate the happiness of a child to get a ball. That means yes, we like to give balls, but we ask you not to create a scandal when you ask for one, and of course have a lot of patience.

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