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Catchers, do your work!

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For all the catchers who plan to get very far in this sport, make sure you start working long before a baseball game. Every time I attend a amateur baseball game, or high school level; It is very common to see the catchers show their pitchers just before taking the field showing a index finger for fastball, two for the curveball, and four for change up.

With this, they think they will have the other team under control. It may be so, but what if you as a catcher start to put together a work plan. Just a simple and very valuable plan. What if, as a catcher you start using the corners of the home plate? I have seen how a catcher asks for a fastball for a certain corner and does not move, I just watch his foot move out or inside, but not his upper body. Try to use both corners of the plate, require your pitcher to throw the ball where you ask, not afraid to hit the batter. Another point is to throw more often broken pitches in front of the home plate in order to put batters out of balance and from time to time a high pitch would greatly help in changing the visual level. 

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