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Autographs, autographs, and the daily life of Scott Chavers

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Hello Beisbolistas! 

Please meet Scott Chavers. He’s from Anaheim, California; and he’s been doing the autograph seeking activity for 9 years now. He owns around 20 Mike Trout baseball cards, all signed by the All Star player, and around 200 autographed baseballs, signed by different players. But let’s see what else he owns and done during his 9 years chasing athletes around Los Angeles. 

1. How many autographs do you have/own right now?

SC: I have about 11,000 signed baseball cards, 400 signed photos, 200 signed baseballs. 40 game used bats signed, 30 game used hockey sticks signed. And so on.  

2. Hardest autograph to get? 

SC: Hardest autograph for me to get that i got would probably be Derek Jeter. 

3. Weirdest thing you have done to get an autograph? 

SC: I know last year at the last series Jose Altuve came out, and we told him he was going go win MVP that year, he said nah. right after he said:” i will sign for you guys if you say that Mike Trout is going to win MVP”. We did and he signed for us by his car

4. Any money offers for one of your autographs you have?

SC: Yes, all the time.  People are always constantly asking me how much do i want for a Mike Trout autograph. He is one of my favorite player.  i have about 30 autographs from him, probably around 40. 

5. Why do you do this activity?

SC: Because its something I love to do. It’s a passion for me. I love watching and playing sports, and getting autographs from the star players is like a dream come true.  I have met many players and became friends with some of them because of this hobby. 

6. Any athletes getting angry with you before?

SC: There have been players who called me out saying man how many times have I signed for you, like Brendan Ryan, Matt Shoemaker, Josh Donaldson, but they still end up signing for me, so some of them are probably joking about it. 

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Thanks again!